Crash Replacement Service

Oh Chute! Hope your'e okay?

Oh Chute! Hope you're okay?

The La Machine Crash Replacement Service
So you’ve fallen and tore that favourite Kit? First of all we truly hope your okay. Once you (and your ego) have healed it’s time to get back on the bike. Maybe we can ease the pain and help you out with replacement kit? That’s where our unique 1 Year Crash Replacement Service comes in: you send us your damaged kit and we’ll give you a 50% discount on your replacement kit.

Terms and Conditions
-This service only covers jerseys and bib shorts that were purchased in this current year. Please provide us with an order number when you reach out.
-When your damaged jersey or bib is no longer in stock, you get a discount on a similar item (for example a jersey in a different design).
-This offer cannot be turned into a refund or discount for other products in our webshop.

Before you go rushing to the post office to send us the damaged items please first send an email stating the original order number, order date and a photo (or photo’s) of the damaged goods. You can address this email to

In short

Everyone has fallen on their road bike or mountain bike at some point. In most cases, fortunately, without cracks or damage to the material. Sometimes it can happen that your cycling wear is damaged during a fall. We want you to keep on riding in La Machine Performance clothing. That's why we offer the Crash Replacement Service.