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Read how La Machine maintains its environmental and social standards

Social Responsibility 

Social responsibility as a business model

For La Machine social responsibility starts with fair working conditions and environmental consciousness in the factories which we work with. By building long-term personal relationships with suppliers as close by as possible we can not only ensure a fair working environment, but it also enables us to bring the highest possible quality products to the market. This way social responsibility is not only statement but a business model. A win-win situation.

Actions speak louder than words.
For every order you make, we plant one tree.

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Our Fabrics 

We’re a bit picky when it comes to choosing the fabrics we use. We’re constant on the look out for the perfect mix between, comfort, quality and durability. We prefer sustainable and only buy from trusted sources.

Made in the EU 

90% of what we produce is made within the EU and nearby regions. We only work with carefully selected small-scale family factories with a main focus in the Braga region of Portugal. This ensures us of the highest quality workmanship and fair conditions for both people and the environment.

Fast fashion? Non merci 

Yes we like fast – while riding our bike – but ‘fast fashion’? No thank you. No surfing on ultra-short hypes with (intentionally) cheaply made products from dodgy sweatshops. We design and produce our products to be timeless and durable so you can wear that favourite item over and over again.

Recyclable packaging 

At La Machine we try to use as little plastic as we possible can. With this in mind we’ve gone the length and developed our own unique shipping bags and tape made of 100% recycled paper. – And hey, do us (and the world) a favour, if your done with it don’t just throw it in the nearest bin but dispose it with the rest of the paper so it can have a happy new life!

We visit our factories

Fast fashion? Non merci!
We especially like qualitative slow fashion. Perfect garments made from the best possible sustainable materials.

No distant relationship. Personal where necessary and possible.
We visit our suppliers regularly. During the visits to our suppliers, we also look at the facilities available to the workers, the machines they work with and the fabrics they use. We do all this to ensure that our products are made in the right way.

Keep suppliers close
Because we produce mainly in Europe, culture and language are no longer barriers as they can be in Asia. This makes it easier to deal with our suppliers.


Our workers know best

''A good piece of clothing comes down to sourcing the right yarn, using the right milling technique and the last but not least, the right workmanship.''

After all a good piece of clothing is only as good as it feels.

Fair working conditions in our factories

''The production of clothing needs love and attention.'' 

Love for the process, a skilled set of hands, attention to detail and a strong dedication to make the best possible end product. Over and over again.


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