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Fast fashion? Non merci!

We especially like qualitative slow fashion. Perfect garments made from the best possible sustainable materials.

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Because we produce mainly in Europe, culture and language are no longer barriers as they can be in Asia. This makes it easier to deal with our suppliers.

Personal where necessary and possible.

We visit our suppliers regularly. During the visits to our suppliers, we also look at the facilities available to the workers, the machines they work with and the fabrics they use.

Highly skilled factories

La Machine works with sustainable partners

Responsible supply chain wherever we go Our suppliers play an important role in the process of making our products of the highest possible quality. Quality is extremely important for us in combination with a sustainable way of producing. We build a sustainable relationship with every factory that delivers to us. All our factories meet our high standards of working conditions.

From an attic to Tête de la Course

*This overview lists all the factories La Machine has worked with or has worked with in the last 3 years.

Braga - Portugal

Our main factory located in the heart of the Braga region (Portugal) in the land of Fado music and former world champion Rui Costa. A land with a strong tradition in the production of clothing where workmanship and knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. This small-scale, family owned factory is known for its high quality workforce and good working conditions. This is where our (Premium) T-shirts, Sweat shirts, Sweat pants and Polos are made.


T-shirts, Sweaters, Polo’s, Knitwear, Sweatpants and Shorts


Portugal, Braga


Established - 1974 / Employees - 38

Our thoughts

''A good piece of clothing comes down to sourcing the right yarn, using the right milling technique and the last but not least, the right workmanship.'' After all a good piece of clothing is only as good as it feels.

Rens Robroek - Co-founder

''The production of clothing needs love and attention.'' Love for the process, a skilled set of hands, attention to detail and a strong dedication to make the best possible end product. Over and over again.

Sander Tielen - Co-founder

From the humble beginnings of my dream to create not just garments but a legacy of quality and sustainability. As Bruno Costa, the heart and soul behind this endeavor, I've always believed that "In every fabric, there's a story of craftsmanship, innovation, and respect for our planet."

Bruno Costa

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Responsible supply chain wherever we go