From mom's attic to Tête de la Course

Our Story

Driven by the love of cycling

We blend in (cycling) tradition with a sense of understated, clever design and the best possible materials to create beautiful, timeless products that you’ll find nowhere else. Founded in the Netherlands. Sold in more than 56 countries.

From mom's attic to Tête de la Course

Founded in 2013 by Rens Robroek and Sander Tielen. An online marketeer and a designer – but above all – lovers of cycling and its unique surrounding culture. Since then grown from a small attic with two boxes of T-shirts into one of the worlds leading brands of casual cycling fashion and performance wear.

The original, since 2013

  • Cycling Heritage

    Founded in the Netherlands in 2013. Sold in more than 56 countries.

  • Fabrics

    We’re constant on the look out for the perfect mix between, comfort, quality and durability. We prefer sustainable and only buy from trusted sources.

  • Fast fashion? Non merci

    Yes we like fast – when riding our bikes – but ‘fast fashion’? No thank you. So, for us no surfing on ultra-short hypes with (intentionally) cheaply made products in dodgy sweatshops.

“As we’re keen cyclists ourselves we believe we have a good understanding of what drives both cyclists and cycling fans.”

Not only a sport, but a way of life.

A world where one can take a breath of fresh air and break away from daily turmoil. Not only a sport, but a way of life. It’s exactly this passion which lies at the very essence of everything we do and what we try to translate into our products and designs.

Our promise

Made in the EU

Our workers know best


Actions speak louder than words.

For every order you make, we plant one tree.

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